Alberta Liberals issue New Year statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Liberal MLA David Swann wish all Albertans a Happy New Year.

The past year has been tough for many Albertans. Falling oil prices and a sputtering economy have led to job losses and personal hardships. Mental health hotlines have seen a significant increase in calls from people in distress. Inflamed political rhetoric has spawned calls for separation.

Albertans deserve better. We are hard working, resilient and honourable. We love our province. We love our country.

Alberta Liberals will continue to fight for all Albertans. We will hold the Government to account on issues like boosting job creation, building the Trans Mountain pipeline, accessing quality healthcare, reducing classroom sizes, protecting our precious environment, safeguarding LGBTQ2S+ rights and improving the quality of life for all of us.

Albertans have a chance to vote for change in the next provincial election. They can vote for a brighter future with improved opportunities for everyone.

We have hope for a prosperous and promising New Year.

2018 has been tough. Alberta Liberals have your back. 2019 will be a better.

Alberta Liberals wish Albertans a Merry Christmas

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann issue their Christmas message.

“We wish Albertans a Merry Christmas on behalf of the Alberta Liberal Party. Let’s reflect on our joys and our blessings. We look forward to the promise of prosperity and cheer in 2019.

“The holiday season can be a challenge for many Albertans. We encourage everyone to share the spirit of giving and friendship to those in need. Let’s help others to enjoy this time of year.

“We’ll be working hard over the holiday season to ensure all Albertans can look forward to greater opportunity and a better life.

“Merry Christmas Everyone”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan demands NDP Government support vulnerable Albertans on Assisted Dying

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues this release following the Health Minister’s remarks on MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) services at Covenant Health facilities.

Khan stated, “Access to MAID services is a constitutional right. Albertans have the right to die with dignity if they so choose. Alberta Liberals support these vulnerable Albertans and their fundamental rights. But, the NDP Government still refuses to step up and take a stand on this important issue.

“The NDP Health Minister continues to study and consult. This foot dragging has gone on for two years. What does the Minister still not understand? What is still not clear?

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