David Khan Offers Alternatives to Minimum Wage

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan offers alternatives to the NDP’s failed Minimum Wage legislation.

CALGARY, AB (August 14, 2018):  Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces strategies to help Albertans hurt by the NDP’s failed Minimum Wage program.

“There is no point in increasing Alberta's minimum wage if it decreases jobs for Albertans.

“This is another failed NDP Government strategy that is ‘one step forward - two steps back’, as our economy continues to struggle.

“More than 25,000 service jobs were lost in Calgary over the past year, with a clear link to the dramatically increased minimum wage and other increased employer costs including new statutory holiday pay requirements.

“These higher costs to employers are crippling Alberta’s small businesses with a minimum wage currently at $13.50. How many more jobs will be lost when the wage hits $15 in October?

“Alberta Liberals believe a better strategy is a Guaranteed Minimum Income. It will give Albertans a Living Wage without hammering small businesses. Albertans need to pay the rent and buy groceries. It’s tough to do that without a paycheque. Another solution is increasing Alberta’s basic personal income tax exemption, so lower-income Albertans pay less tax.

“We also want to help small businesses survive, thrive and create jobs with a new Small Business Start-Up Tax Exemption Policy. It will shield companies from paying corporate income tax for the first three taxation years after incorporation. This will support their critical early years, so they can go on to successfully expand and hire more employees.

“Albertans want to work. They need jobs. Alberta Liberals have solutions to help.”






Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues Pakistan Independence Day statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues this statement on Pakistan Independence Day:

“I’m honoured to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with all Albertans of Pakistani heritage. On this day 71 years ago in 1947, the sovereign state of Pakistan was created following the end of the British Raj.

“This day holds special significance to me as an Albertan of Pakistani descent. My father and his family immigrated from Pakistan to a new life in Alberta. Canadian values of inclusion, multiculturalism and diversity have given my family and many others the chance to achieve a better life in their new home in Canada.

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Civility in Public Discourse

As Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party I wanted to take a moment to address an important issue. 
We have all noticed the recent increase in the political war of words between the NDP and UCP in Alberta.
It's getting more shrill, more personal and more nasty. So, I want to go on record and make it clear that Alberta Liberals are strongly opposed to this type of corrosive and demeaning behaviour.
Alberta Liberals have not and will not be part of the NDP vs UCP street fight. It is tiresome and embarrassing. It is hurtful and tone deaf. Albertans have had enough.
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