Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan says Albertans are creating their own small business jobs despite the NDP Government’s failed policies

Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Khan issues release on small business job creation numbers:

Khan stated, More than 400,000 Albertans now work for themselves. That’s an increase of more than 43,000 self-employed jobs since early 2017, according to Stats Canada. Albertans did it on their own. This is a testament to the true Alberta entrepreneurial spirit in a province devastated by economic recession. It is happening despite failed NDP job creation policies.

“Two of the NDP Government’s job creation programs were complete flops. The Job Creation Tax Credit failed to get off the ground and the Apprentice Training Award Program crashed and burned, with the NDP Government admitting private industry did not participate in any meaningful way.

“The NDP continues to claim credit for job creation. That is simply not true. The oil & gas sector, especially head offices in Calgary, are not re-hiring all of the tens of thousands of Albertans who were laid off in the recession.

“Alberta Liberals would introduce a “New Small Business Start-Up Tax Exemption” to encourage Alberta small businesses to set up and survive their early years. This deduction would exempt any new small businesses from paying corporate income tax for the first three taxation years after incorporation. Once established, they’ll be subject to standard corporate tax rates.   

“Albertans want to work. Alberta Liberals want to work with them. We support Alberta small businesses. The NDP government should not be taking all the credit for jobs created by Albertans, for Albertans.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues statement on National Indigenous Peoples' Day

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues this statement:

“National Indigenous People’s Day is a time for Albertans and all Canadians to celebrate the cultural diversity of Indigenous peoples. I encourage everyone to learn more about the rich tradition and history of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples across this Province and throughout Canada.

“It is not enough to celebrate Indigenous culture. We must also commit to improving the quality of life of all Indigenous Peoples. Past policies have caused incalculable harm to Indigenous Peoples and some current policies continue those regrettable effects. This is unacceptable and must change immediately.

“Colonial practices and contemporary underfunding on reserves have resulted in higher rates of drug use, mental illness, suicide, incarceration, and a modern “Sixties Scoop” or “Millennial Scoop” of Indigenous children being taken into state care. Some reserves are still challenged in accessing basic necessities such as clean water.

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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann release statement on 5th Anniversary of the 2013 Calgary Flood

Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann have issued the following joint release:

“Five years ago today Calgarians, were faced with a catastrophic event, the costliest flood in Canadian history.

“Facing this crisis, the people of Calgary proved their resilience by coming together to rebuild after the destruction of homes and property. On this day we should take time to appreciate the incredible community spirit Calgarians displayed in response to the flood.

“We also need to look at preventing and mitigating future floods to prevent a disaster on this scale from occurring again.

“Alberta has been described as the “Natural Disaster Capital” by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. It is time the NDP Government began to develop new strategies for disaster mitigation and relief that will protect all Albertans.

“Alberta Liberals are calling for the development of low-cost comprehensive government-supported overland flood insurance, something other G7 countries ensure their citizens are protected by. Both the Alberta and Federal Governments must collaborate together to make this plan a reality.”