Urgent action needed to stop suicide epidemic in Maskwacis

CALGARY, AB (January 16, 2018): Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann says urgent action from all levels of government is urgently needed to stop the suicide epidemic in Maskwacis.

“I am deeply saddened by this tragic loss of life,” says Swann. “My heart goes out to this community, which has endured immense suffering and witnessed so many preventable and senseless deaths.”  

A recent CBC News report said the community has experienced 14 suicide deaths in less than 2 months. This echoes a previous story from May, 2015 that warned about a dramatic rise in Maskwacis suicide rate, which had reached one or two every week.

A local health worker and community members alike are asking for the area’s leadership to declare a state of emergency, a measure Swann believes may be needed to raise awareness and mobilize additional resources.

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Happy New Year!


What will 2018 bring?


As we countdown to the New Year, I want to share with you my thoughts on what we can work towards, together, in 2018. 

Governments in Alberta have never done a good job planning for the future and making decisions with fairness to future generations in mind. 

That is why as Leader I have spent this year focused on Alberta's future and discussing issues such as:

  • Regulating Political Action Committees.
  • Investing in Preventative and Continuing Care to reduce long-term healthcare costs.
  • Implementing a Guaranteed Basic Income. 
  • Transformative Tax Reform that finally gets Alberta off the resource roller coaster. 

By making a donation today you can help me and the Alberta Liberal team continue to work towards a forward-thinking Alberta.

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