Sexual Consent SHOULD be in Alberta's Curriculum

CALGARY, AB (January 8, 2015): Alberta Liberals say sexual consent is an essential component of health education worthy of inclusion in the curriculum.


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Alberta Liberals Ready to Lead for Albertans

EDMONTON, AB (December 17, 2014): Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman addressed the media today to discuss the recent floor crossing of members of the Wildrose to the Progressive Conservative Caucus.


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Accountability Act needs more...accountability.

EDMONTON, AB (December 10, 2014): Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman says the much-heralded and long-awaited Alberta Accountability Act falls short of what Premier Prentice promised. “This bill blows lots of smoke but there’s little sizzle,” says Sherman. “It is simply aimed at atoning for the sins of the past, nothing more.”


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