Government underfunding of education is trickling down to teachers and students

EDMONTON, AB (February 24, 2015): Alberta Liberal Education Critic Kent Hehr says the PC government’s chronic underfunding of our education system is hurting teachers and students.

“Since this government slashed the education budget five years ago, the system has been lurching from one potential crisis to another,” says Hehr. “Now, we are staring down the barrel of another austerity budget and deeper cuts.


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Alberta Liberals raise new concerns over government handling of the FOIP process

EDMONTON, AB (February 19, 2015): House Leader Laurie Blakeman says documents obtained by Alberta Liberals raise new concerns about how the PC government handles freedom of information requests.

“It looks like the Premier’s Office is now moving from an aura of power to an era of absolute power,” says Blakeman.


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Study shows PC Inaction on Acute Care Beds

EDMONTON, AB (February 10, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says a new study on the availability of acute care beds is another sober reminder of the continual health care access crisis.

“If it wasn’t abundantly clear already, this study sends another strong signal about the access to care crisis in Alberta,” says Swann. “The PC government is not ensuring the sufficient number of beds are available to meet our provinces’ needs.”


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