World Cancer Day shadowed by PC government delaying cancer centre

CALGARY, AB (February 4, 2015): Alberta Liberal Opposition Leader David Swann issued the following statement to acknowledge World Cancer Day:

“As we observe World Cancer Day this year, we have reason to be grateful and hopeful. There have been major medical advances in the detection and treatment of cancer in recent years, with available data showing screening and prevention which have contributed to a decrease in cancer rates across the province.


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David Swann Appointed Interim Leader

The Board of Directors of the Alberta Liberal Party has appointed Liberal MLA from Calgary Mountain View, Dr David Swann, to serve as Interim Leader.


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More oversight needed at Alberta's Continuing Care facilities.

CALGARY, AB (January 28, 2015): Alberta Liberal Seniors Critic David Swann says more oversight and funding for continuing care centres is needed.

Staffing shortages and poor funding for continuing care centres was highlighted by the release of a hidden camera video showing an elderly women being pulled from her bed and dragged by the arm across the floor by a male at the Kipnes Centre for Veterans.


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