David Swann announces a four-point plan to support seniors.

The Liberal plan is specifically designed to help seniors stay in their homes, free up hospital beds, put money in their pockets and keep them healthy and active. 


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Liberals Question NDP "Yahtzee" Budget Numbers

Calgary, AB (April 28, 2015): 

Albertans will be getting poorer under an NDP plan — and that’s according to numbers from the ND's themselves.

According to the NDP budget document, the NDP anticipates raking in an additional $1.1 billion in personal income tax revenue under their tax hike scheme 2015-16. However, that number falls to $730 million in 2016-17, and falls again to $575 million in 2017-18.


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Dr. David Swann Proposes 5 Point Plan to Fix Healthcare

EDMONTON, AB (April 21, 2015):

Today Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann announced a five-point plan to fix health care.

The Liberal plan is specifically designed to fix the health care system’s most pressing problems:


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