EMS is in Crisis: Here are the Solutions

Alberta EMS is in crisis. Data has revealed long hallway wait times, spiraling costs and operational issues


Alberta Liberal's were tired of waiting for AHS and the NDP Government to take action after raising this important issue in the spring. To begin building solutions the Alberta Liberal Opposition launched the EMS Hotline and Survey this summer.

Using this data and consultations with experts Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA Dr. David Swann put together to identify EMS' problems and propose solutions. 

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Alberta Liberals say NDP Minimum Wage hike shortchanges the poor and small business

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann release statement on minimum wage hike:

We support boosting the Minimum Wage to $15 an hour as a stop-gap measure. But Alberta Liberals believe more can be done to help combat poverty and to alleviate business concerns.

We believe a Guaranteed Minimum Income is a better solution for Albertans.

A Minimum Income could lift all Albertans out of poverty, reduce crime and decrease emergency room visits. Alberta needs a Minimum Income pilot project. We are asking the NDP to explore this option.

Short term solutions include earned-income tax credits along with increasing the basic personal exemption from individual tax rates.

Khan stated, “Minimum wage policy is not a silver bullet for the problems of the working poor. $17.70 is the living wage for 2018 in Calgary for a family of four, with two parents working full-time, according to anti-poverty groups.

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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan release Orange Shirt Day statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issued the following Orange Shirt Day statement:

“Orange Shirt Day is a time for reflection on a terrible chapter in Canada’s past. Indigenous and Aboriginal children were taken from their homes, families and communities. They were then forced to attend residential schools where they were abused, stripped of their culture and denied their identity. This created generational trauma that continues to damage people and society.

"It was racist. It was hurtful. It was wrong.

“We wear orange shirts on this special day to raise awareness of the past and to learn the lessons needed to improve the present.

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