At the End of the Day, Schools Still Need to Get Built

CALGARY, AB (October 6, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann expressed his frustration this morning that over 100 promised school openings will be delayed because of PC mismanagement and added that these projects must now be a top priority for the NDP.

“To the detriment of Alberta parents and children, we have now confirmed what most in the province already knew: that the PC promises on school construction were pure fantasy,” says Swann. “At a time when enrollment continues to grow, ands school costs and fees continue to rise, Alberta parents are now being asked to put up with overcrowded schools and long school bus rides for even longer.”

While Swann agreed that blame for these delays lies with the previous PC regime, he added that the desperate need for new and modernized schools is now the sole responsibility of the new government.

“This is now the NDP’s mess to cleanup,” says Swann. “These schools are the top infrastructure need for Alberta families and it is the NDP’s responsibility to ensure they get fully built, fully staffed, and fully operationalAlbertans can be assured that I will be asking this government for full transparency and regular updates on these projects.”

David Swann Blog: We Need to Protect Ground Water

For nearly 100 years we have been drilling holes through our groundwater in search of our rich oil and gas deposits, with regulatory standards improving over the decades, first under the Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board, then the Energy Resources Conservation Board, then the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, and finally the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

In the past, complaints by landowners of groundwater contamination have been routinely negotiated between the landowner and the drilling company, generally leading to a new water well being drilled and no conclusion found as to whether contaminations were natural or industry caused.

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David Swann: Time for a Thoughtful Discussion on Assisted Dying

In February of this year, the Supreme Court of Canada made a landmark ruling striking down the Criminal Code’s prohibition on doctor assisted dying, effective February 2016. In order to allow Parliament to enact new legislation governing when and under what circumstances an individual may obtain the assistance of a doctor to die with greater control and dignity, the Supreme Court delayed enforcement of its ruling for a year. Public polls in Canada have indicated that a majority of citizens want laws that enable greater control over dying with the assistance of medical professionals.

Six months after this far-reaching decision, the Harper government has made no real effort to engage the provinces, medical professionals or Canadians to determine under what circumstances we will allow an individuals to make the incredibly personal and difficult decision to end an incurable disease or chronic suffering and choose, with the help of their family, the conditions and timing of death.

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