Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan unveils New Canadians Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces his New Canadians Platform.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will improve the lives of New Canadians in Alberta.New Canadians are vital to Alberta. Immigrants help us unlock our economic potential and the diversity they create enriches the multicultural fabric of our nation.

“The Alberta Liberals will improve access to foreign credential upgrades. This will help New Canadians find work in their field of expertise and break down barriers to their success. It will also address skilled labour shortages in Alberta. Our plan will strengthen our economy.

“We will help New Canadians integrate more easily into Canadian society. We will boost settlement funding, assisting new Canadians in making Alberta home. We will also invest in adult education and English-as-a-second-language (“ESL”) programs. This will make it easier for immigrants to communicate with their fellow Canadians.

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Post-Secondary/Adult Education - Platform Preview


Our post-secondary education system is the gateway to our economic future. The Alberta Liberal forward-thinking strategy for post-secondary education will help Alberta compete for the high-paying jobs of tomorrow's economy. We will reverse the trend that has seen a 10,000-person decrease in technology and trade programs since 2015.

We will also protect our existing programs and make post-secondary education more accessible to lower-income Albertans.

Progressive Financial Supports

The Alberta Liberals will unveil a plan to make financial support for post-secondary institutions more progressive in order to make post-secondary education more accessible to low-income students.  

Deferred Maintenance

We will work with Universities to addressed the billion dollars in deferred maintenance currently faced by universities.

Boosting Trade Enrollment

Alberta Liberals will work with industry to reverse the trend of shrinking trade enrollments. We will work with industry to identify labour shortages—present and upcoming—and create educational opportunities for both young Albertans and out-of-work Albertans looking for a new career.

Grow our STEM Workforce

Other jurisdictions are competing for new high-paying technology jobs with ambitious post-secondary education plans. If Alberta wants to compete, we have to do the same. Our plan will keep Alberta competitive with other jurisdictions. 

Alberta Liberals will expand the number of new post-secondary spaces to train the next generation of tech workers, increasing the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) graduates in Alberta by 25% within the next five years.

Support for Student Services

Alberta Liberals support fair students fees for providing vital students services that enrich and improve campus life. We oppose making these fees voluntary.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan puts forward his plans to get pipelines built

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan puts forward his plans to get pipelines built, at 218 Crescent Road NW, Calgary, at 1:00 p.m today.

Khan stated, “What is the status of the Trans Mountain Pipeline review process? Albertans have a right to know. We have been kept in the dark on this important project. Alberta Liberals are demanding that the NDP and Federal Governments immediately provide an update to Albertans. We keep asking “Where are we at on TMX?”

“There are far more questions than answers. Will a Cabinet decision come by May 23rd, the 90-day deadline? Will any decision be delayed as part of a callous political ploy? Thousands of jobs and billions of revenue dollars are at stake. All we have is silence. Albertans have a right to be stressed. Another delay could further sink our economy.

“We know the Indigenous consultations must happen. As a Indigenous rights and constitutional law lawyer, I understand how Canada’s Constitution works and the right way to effectively consult and accommodate First Nations’ concerns. There is no shortcut. First Nations must be properly consulted at the highest levels and their concerns meaningfully accommodated.

“Alberta Liberals have more suggestions.

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