Swann comments on Auditor General Report

“Today’s report of the Auditor General reveals stunning ineptitude and questionable decisions on the part of the former PC administration,” says Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann. “In hindsight, all it took was one major disaster to expose significant holes in Alberta’s Disaster Recovery Program.”

“The report also highlights the critical importance of Alberta having a robust and responsive Disaster Recovery Program,” Swann continued. “The Insurance Bureau of Canada has labelled Alberta the Natural Disaster Capital of Canada, and for good reason – the province has the highest number of catastrophic insured losses compared to other jurisdictions.”

Swann is hopeful that the Auditor General’s recommendations will lead to a better coordinated in-house system that puts disaster victims first. “A good start,” he says, “would be to consider the many excellent recommendations proposed by local groups such as the High River DRP Advocacy Committee.”

Swann also believes that the province needs to start budgeting much more realistically for disaster recovery, and should look to facilitate overland flood insurance usage in Alberta.       



Calgary Greenway Nomination Meeting

Nominations are open for prospective candidates for Calgary-Greenway. Nominations will close midnight Wednesday, February 17th. The nomination meeting will be held at the Abbeydale Community Association Gym on Monday, February 29th.

For further information on the nomination process and details of the meeting please contact the Alberta Liberal Party Office at 780 414 1124. 



Chinese New Year Greetings


Today marks the start of Chinese New Year, the most important annual celebration for Alberta’s Chinese community. I’m sure celebrations will continue for some time and on behalf of the Alberta Liberal Opposition, I extend my best wishes to all Albertan’s taking part in the festivities.

The Chinese community is a cornerstone of Alberta’s prosperity. Its members’ hard work, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit are felt throughout the province. We all benefit from the innovation, leadership and unique traditions that Chinese culture offers.

A new year brings with it new beginnings and fresh opportunities. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey, an animal known for its intelligence, quick-wits and cleverness – this year, those traits will be more important than ever. I have no doubt those celebrating the Chinese New Year will be among the leading figures who propel Alberta through temporary hard times and into a prosperous future.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year. May you be surrounded by friends and family and may the year ahead bring you health, happiness and prosperity.