Statement by David Swann: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

There is never an excuse to harm a child. It is never okay.

“Tragically, too often we see an increase in incidents of child abuse as our economy weakens. The stresses of unemployment, and individuals turning to alcohol or drugs to cope, can manifest in a vicious cycle of abuse that destroys lives.

“Abuse creates scars that can’t always be seen and that can be very difficult to heal.


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Swann Warns of Potential Environmental Damage to Oldman River

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann has raised concerns of potential ongoing damage to the Oldman River in southern Alberta and is calling on the Minister of Environment to launch a full investigation.

I have received credible reports from local sources of heavy equipment operating in and near the river” writes Swann. “Witnesses also report a backhoe traversing the river on multiple occasions, digging into the river channel, stirring up vast quantities of sediment and potentially causing serious or even irreparable harm to the spawning Bull Trout and Rocky Mountain whitefish populations.”

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Swann Calls for Control and Elimination of Chronic Wasting Disease

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is calling on the government to protect Alberta’s agricultural industry and take action to control and eliminate Chronic Wasting Disease in Alberta.

Chronic Wasting Disease is a devastating and incurable prion disease found in deer. The disease has also been identified in animal waste found on wheat and plants consumed by cattle, which presents a theoretical risk that the disease could spread into our beef industry.

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