Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Liberal MLA David Swann issue Thanksgiving Day Statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Liberal MLA David Swann issue Thanksgiving Day Statement:

“We wish all Albertans a Happy Thanksgiving Day with plenty of turkey and pumpkin pie to share with family and friends. The origins of Canadian Thanksgiving are traced to settlers who came to Kanata/ “New France” in the early 17th century and celebrated their successful harvests. They typically had feasts at the end of the harvest season and continued throughout the winter season, mutually sharing food with the Indigenous peoples of the area.

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David Khan Statement on Kenney - Ford Calgary Rally

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following statement regarding Jason Kenney’s “rally” this evening in Calgary with Ontario Premier Doug Ford:

“Albertans don't need the Ontario Premier coming here to tell us how to run our province. We have our hands full with an NDP Government that has stumbled from crisis to crisis and is on track to run up the Alberta debt to $100 billion since taking power in 2015.

“If UCP Leader Jason Kenney, also recently returned from many years in Ontario, needs help on how to operate here, then Alberta Liberals will be glad to give him a hand – no charge.


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EMS is in Crisis: Here are the Solutions

Alberta EMS is in crisis. Data has revealed long hallway wait times, spiraling costs and operational issues


Alberta Liberal's were tired of waiting for AHS and the NDP Government to take action after raising this important issue in the spring. To begin building solutions the Alberta Liberal Opposition launched the EMS Hotline and Survey this summer.

Using this data and consultations with experts Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA Dr. David Swann put together to identify EMS' problems and propose solutions. 

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