More oversight needed at Alberta's Continuing Care facilities.

CALGARY, AB (January 28, 2015): Alberta Liberal Seniors Critic David Swann says more oversight and funding for continuing care centres is needed.

Staffing shortages and poor funding for continuing care centres was highlighted by the release of a hidden camera video showing an elderly women being pulled from her bed and dragged by the arm across the floor by a male at the Kipnes Centre for Veterans.


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Statement from Raj Sherman

EDMONTON, AB (January 26, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman has released the following statement of his intentions in advance of the next provincial election:

“Today, after much thoughtful reflection and consultation, I met with my Caucus colleagues and members of the Executive Committee of the Alberta Liberal Party to inform them of my decision not to seek a third term as the MLA for Edmonton-Meadowlark, as well as my intention to immediately step aside from Liberal leadership so that the necessary preparations can be made in advance of the next provincial election.

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Statement from ALP Party President, Shelley-Wark Martyn

After over 3 years as the Alberta Liberal Party Leader and 7 years as an MLA representing Edmonton Meadowlark Dr. Raj Sherman announced he is stepping aside this morning. He will remain an MLA until the next Provincial Election but has resigned as Leader of the Party, effective immediately.

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