Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann releases statement on Humboldt tragedy

Today in the Legislature: Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann made the following statement on the Humboldt tragedy:

As a father and grandfather of a passionate hockey player let me express my deepest sympathies on this heartbreaking tragedy. Neither tears nor words can adequately express the devastating loss. I and many Canadians are still struggling to understand this profound incident.

Amidst the devastating sorrow there is hope. We have rallied as Canadians to support families and friends who have suffered the loss and injury of loved ones. We also stand with the community of Humboldt which has been so dramatically impacted.

As a nation we are still in mourning. But, we are also showing that we care. Canadians are launching fundraising campaigns, opening their homes and reaching out to provide emotional support. Canadians are doing all they can to help. I applaud their efforts and urge them to continue this assistance.

We are a nation that stands together in the wake of this tragedy as we continue to grieve.

I encourage Albertans struggling with the emotional impact of this crash to reach out to family, friends and if needed a mental health professional. You are not alone.

Trans Mountain Pipeline Statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan statement on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issued the following statement in response to Kinder Morgan’s recent actions on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion:

The Alberta Liberals call on the Federal Government to enforce the approved construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project.

While the Alberta Liberal Party does not support subsidizing private enterprise, we recognize the importance of this pipeline as a national infrastructure project. We, therefore, support, in principle, a public investment in this pipeline project by both the Federal Government and the Government of Alberta if that is necessary to ensure the pipeline is built.  

However, our support is contingent on the Government of Alberta committing to report annually on Alberta’s oil sands region through a transparent, full cost accounting framework, including both reclamation liabilities and greenhouse gas emissions, to ease public concerns, improve accountability, and increase confidence in this pipeline project both at home and abroad.

We also want the details of a public investment in this project and the resulting ownership stake and financial benefits to Albertans; we do not support writing a blank cheque to Kinder Morgan.

This is an issue of national importance. This is a national infrastructure project that will create jobs for Albertans and Canadians.


Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann demands NDP Government end hallway waits for EMS

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann demands the NDP Government solve the EMS Crisis.

“More money for ambulances and paramedics will not reduce the wasted transfer time from paramedic to nurse in the ER”, he said.

Alberta paramedics are spending 650, 000 wasted hours per year waiting for patient transfers at emergency rooms with a median wait time of 53 minutes and 42 seconds. This takes ambulances out of commission and costs Albertans $20 million a year.

Swann stated, “In Great Britain any delay of more than 15 minutes is deemed a potential threat to life. When it hits 30 minutes it’s considered a crisis. So why is this NDP Government content to let Alberta patients wait for 1 hour?

“The funding increase from this Government is not enough. More money is not a strategy. AHS must shorten emergency room transfer times. The UK and Israel have done it. What is Alberta waiting for?”