Civility in Public Discourse

As Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party I wanted to take a moment to address an important issue. 
We have all noticed the recent increase in the political war of words between the NDP and UCP in Alberta.
It's getting more shrill, more personal and more nasty. So, I want to go on record and make it clear that Alberta Liberals are strongly opposed to this type of corrosive and demeaning behaviour.
Alberta Liberals have not and will not be part of the NDP vs UCP street fight. It is tiresome and embarrassing. It is hurtful and tone deaf. Albertans have had enough.
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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan criticizes Saudi Arabia on trade and human rights

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan has issued the following statement on the Saudi Arabia issue:

“I support our Federal Government with their courageous commitment to human rights. Canada must remain a passionate advocate for the fundamental freedoms of all people around the world.

“We may pay an economic cost for taking this bold, principled stand. We should not back down. Instead, we should back up our position while also boosting our own economy.

“Alberta Liberals urge Canada to reduce crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia. Those oil imports account for over 10% of our domestic needs.

“The Federal Government should also begin new talks to advance the Energy East Pipeline and replace foreign oil imports in eastern Canada from a country with a reprehensible record of human rights abuses.

“Alberta crude is cleaner and more ethical. Quebec and the Maritimes need our oil. Canada needs the jobs created by the pipeline project.

“Canada would increase its energy independence, and send a strong message to the Saudi Government. Let’s do what’s smart. Let’s do what’s right. Let’s show leadership.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann release statement on Heritage Day

Alberta Liberals David Khan and David Swann issue the following joint statement:

We join with Albertans in celebrating Heritage Day. The first Monday in August recognizes the rich and diverse multinational cultures that have helped to build this great province and our wonderful country.

Khan stated, “Together we acknowledge the diversity, inclusion, tolerance and freedom that are the hallmarks of our proud democracy and our vibrant society.

Swann added. “Our rich mosaic includes people of all religions, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities and ethnicities, including the Indigenous Peoples who first called this land home. They all contribute to the quality of life we enjoy and help build a better future for our children and our grandchildren.”

Alberta Liberals are proud to support and encourage these values on behalf of all the citizens in this province and throughout this country.

Happy Heritage Day – Enjoy the Long Weekend.