Alberta Liberals Propose Amending Bill 10, to Encapsulate the Spirit of Bill 202

EDMONTON, AB (December 3, 2014): Alberta Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman says the majority of Albertans support the ideas found in her Private Members’ Bill, and she plans to insert them into the government’s new legislation.

“The proposals in Bill 202 are worthy of a proper debate in the legislature,” says Blakeman. “It is time the PCs put their views about allowing GSAs and stopping discrimination on the record.”

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Liberal Opposition Clears Order Paper for Bill 202

EDMONTON, AB (November 27, 2014): Alberta Liberal House Leader Laurie Blakeman is withdrawing all Liberal Written Questions & Motions for Returns to make way for debate on Bill 202: the Safe & Inclusive Schools Statutes Amendment Act.


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Bananas over Bed-Blockers

After the PC leadership race last month and throughout the summer there were different ideas and new phrases that were shared with the public. One of the strangest words to come out of this political silly season is the idea of "bed-blockers."

Minister Mandel, when he coined the term, was trying to describe how folks needing long-term care were being warehoused in the emergency rooms, and how hospitals throughout the province were 'blocking' emergency patients and short-term intake from using those very same beds. This causes wait times and delays in surgeries due to the mishandled logistics of placing these patients within the healthcare system.

Personally, I find the term quite strange. First of all, it's calling the people in those beds the problem. They're not the problem. The reason that these acute care beds are filled is because we have not funded long term beds in Alberta. The long term policies have given rise to these systemic crises. Between the privatization of home and long-term care, the province's avoidance of fixing its broken fiscal structure and the lack of a long-term vision for long-term care, the problem is less with the people in the beds and more with the people who craft long-term policy of this government.

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