NDP Denies Calgary Disaster Relief


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says he is disappointed that the NDP government is refusing to help fund disaster recovery costs in Calgary following last September’s freak summer snowstorm.

“There was significant damage done to the city’s parks and tree canopy and the province has a responsibility to support Calgary in paying for remediation,” says Swann. “Instead, it seems the new government is indifferent to the city’s unexpected financial burden.

“The NDP has essentially told Calgary: ‘sorry, you’re on your own.’ That is just plain wrong, and it’s particularly concerning given that Alberta is widely viewed as the natural disaster capital of Canada and the federal government is also reducing its financial support for disaster recovery.”

Swann’s comments follow Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s announcement to the media that Municipal Affairs Minister Deron Bilous has refused the city’s request to fund a portion of the remediation costs through the Disaster Recovery Program. 

“This is not simply about fixing trees,” says Swann. “This is about the government failing to do its part by properly supporting Calgary following a natural disaster.”


Entrepreneur Ali Bin Zahid Chosen to Run in Foothills

Ali Bin Zahid, a dynamic young engineer and entrepreneur, is the Alberta Liberal candidate in the upcoming by-election in Calgary-Foothills — and unlike the previous MLA for Calgary-Foothills, he plans to stay on the job if elected.

Ali was selected as the candidate at a nominating meeting on Friday, held at Symons Valley United Church and attended by Liberal leader David Swann.



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Concrete Action Needed Following Nexen Oil Spill


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says the NDP must announce concrete actions to get to the bottom of the recent Nexen oil spill.

“We all know that pipelines are, by far, the safest way to transport oil products and that is why it is clear that something went horribly wrong here,” says Swann. “This spill has caused serious environmental damage and it should not have happened. The government needs to find out what went wrong, why it wasn’t prevented, and – if required – hold people responsible.”

Swann’s says the Minister of Environment must announce a government investigation when she tours the site of the spill. He added that a failure to take concrete action puts Alberta’s economic interests at risk at a time when the province desperately needs partners to get our product to market.

“We need to be able to look other jurisdictions in the eye and assure them that not only is this spill not typical, but that we have worked to ensure that it never happens again.”