Dr. Swann Tackles Mental Health & Addictions

Calgary, AB (May 1, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann announces a $75.5 million investment in mental health and addictions.

More than 20% of Albertans have experienced a major mental health issue - 75% of them before age 18. “Every family has a loved one who has suffered in silence,” says Swann. “Today’s announcement will help improve the lives of Albertans and their families.”


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Liberals Announce Largest Investment in Skills Training and Post Secondary Education in Alberta's History

Edmonton, AB (April 30, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann announces the most significant post-secondary investment in Alberta history: a quarter of a billion dollars for skills training and post-secondary education.

"During an economic downturn there is no better time to invest in education," says Swann. "Community-based organizations, the public sector and companies need skilled workers, and now is the perfect time to get Albertans the skills and education they need to participate in the economy today and when the energy sector rebounds." 

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Alberta Liberals Outline Win-Win Energy Policy

Calgary (April 30) – Calgary-Buffalo Liberal candidate David Khan released his party's energy platform today, saying that the province's most important industry can expect to be treated as a vital partner by Alberta Liberals. 

“Albertans are looking for a centrist, principled government that will work with the energy industry to maximize the value of our resources, without sacrificing the environment,” Khan said. “The NDP will impose unnecessarily harsh, punitive and damaging policies that will set the government at odds with industry. Alberta Liberal policies offer a win-win for Albertans and industry.”


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