1st Quarter Fiscal Update Demonstrates NDP Failures

This week the Alberta Liberals were vindicated in their vote against the NDP government's budget. Finance Minister Joe Ceci provided Albertans with a bleak quarterly fiscal update and higher than expected projections for both the deficit and economic contraction. 

The credit downgrades and ballooning deficit of this government have been fueled by poor economic and fiscal choices. The NDP have discouraged investment with additional taxes, frivolous lawsuits, and economic policy rooted in ideology rather than facts. They have created financial uncertainty with spending that grossly exceeds revenue, and their unwillingness or inability to formulate a plan to eliminate the debt.

As citizens and taxpayers, Albertans deserve better than a government indulging in idealism instead of facing reality. You and future generations will pay for that indulgence. It isn’t responsible. It isn’t right.

Alberta Liberals will continue to ask the difficult questions even if the NDP are not willing to make the difficult decisions necessary. Alberta Liberals will fight to create the inviting investment climate that will spur growth and innovation. Alberta Liberals will fight against wasteful and ideologically driven spending. Alberta Liberals will fight the right-wing opposition parties as they howl for excessive austerity. Most importantly, Alberta Liberals will fight for you.


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