Tomi Yellowface

Why am I running in this year’s election? 

My passion and self motivation is to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves, to reach out to those young adults who do not have a role model in their life and to help out youth in our community. 

As a dedicated wife and mother of 2 children I believe there is a way we can make it better for all Albertans to come together and make a difference. As a mother I feel the need and responsibility to look out for their best interests and for their future. 

I want to ensure that our children and youth today will be growing up in a place they feel safe and can live freely, as well as give our community and fellow Albertans something to look forward to. 

3 Priorities.

1) To have people feel they can trust me and have reassurance that it will be different in a positive way. 

2) To work with seniors and people of all ages especially children and youth. 

3) To keep our culture and beliefs, as well as teach our generation the culture. We always make decisions 7 generations ahead, you are a part of that legacy and I hope the voters will feel the same and that this is the place I’m coming from. 

I can be reached at  780-758-8218