Todd Ross

I was born and raised in and around Edmonton, graduating from Ardrossan High School in 1982.  I began a number of publishing projects right out of high school, including Air Cadet yearbooks and a Plains Cree/English dictionary, working with the much loved and respected Cree educator Dr. Anne Anderson.

In 1985 I was hired as a Correctional Officer at the Edmonton Remand Centre. Within a year I became a workplace steward with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees to represent the interests of my union brothers and sisters, and to bring forward their issues in a highly stressful and dangerous workplace. 

Since then I have represented over a 1000 union members for matters including staff discipline, suspension, termination, Occupational Health and Safety concerns, internal policy, sexual harassment and racial harassment.

In 1993, I was the first worker in the province to invoke the right to refuse dangerous work under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. I was disciplined for standing up for myself and my co-workers. 

After a lengthy process that went all the way to the Court of Queen's Bench, I was vindicated.  A.U.P.E. now uses this decision, known as the "Ross Decision" in cases where an employee is disciplined for refusing dangerous work.

I am proud of my 28 years as a Correctional Peace Officer for the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. 

In 2007, I was awarded the Exemplary Service Medal for my public service and work in corrections.



Chapter Executive Treasurer (1992-1993) (1999-2000)

Chapter Chairman (1993-1995) (2007-2009) (2011-Present)

Local 3 Councilman (1993-1995) (1999-2000) (2003-2007) (2009-2015)

Co-Chair - New Edmonton Remand Centre Program Consultation Committee (2007-2011)

President, Practicemart Inc. 

In 2004 started and continue to operate a front office supply company for healthcare professionals.  

President, Ross Transport Inc.

I assumed control over the daily operation of my father's trucking company in 1996. The company employed up to nine full-time drivers and hauled goods to all points across North America. In March 1999 I sold the company to the employees.

President & General Manager 1982 -1992

Pantheon Publishing / MoJo Productions / Whistlin-Jack Enterprises

Published numerous projects, including a full-colour pictorial calendar series, Dr. Anne Anderson's Cree/English dictionary, Air Cadet Yearbooks. Some projects included public relations activities that included media interviews (print, television and radio) publicity campaigns and media conferences.



- Occupational Health & Safety Conference

- Respect in the Workplace Seminar

- OH&S Advocate Level 1 and 2.

- Contract Interpretation

- Introduction to Your Union

- Union Steward Course, Level 1 and 2.

- Convention Procedures

- Problem Solving and Grievance Handling

- Discipline and Discharge


Contact info:

Phone 780-935-4799

Fax 587-269-4447



Twitter  @Todd_RC_Ross