Steven Townsend

Steven Townsend is a born and raised Edmontonian. Steven Townsend has built a very successful small business in Edmonton. Steven truly believes that Alberta is a land of opportunity for those who are willing to go out there and grab the opportunities that this great province has to offer. Steven believes though that we can do a better job of helping all Albertans reach their full potential, and through reaching that potential we will build a better economy and a better Alberta for everyone.

Steven Townsend has always believed in serving his community in anyway he can. Steven currently serves on the Board of Directors for a local business association and also serves as executive communications director of a police liaison committee helping to bridge the gap between the police and minority groups in the city.

Steven Townsend believes that he can bring the skills that he has learned through his many endeavors to the legislature and is able to serve you and all Albertans.