Robin Le fevre

Robin Le Fevre has been a lawyer, consultant, and entrepreneur. 

He studied at Trinity College, University of Toronto where he obtained a BA in political science and at McGill University where he earned law degrees. He subsequently qualified for membership in the Bars of Ontario and Quebec, as well as in the UK as a solicitor.

He has had over three decades of career experience, including as:  a lawyer; legal, business and policy consultant; entrepreneur; a director of various not-for-profit organizations, including Canadian Exporters Association and RedR (the latter devoted to selecting, training and providing effective personnel to humanitarian aid agencies world-wide); and within the public sector.

This experience spans North America, the UK and European Union, Africa, China and South East Asia, Caribbean and Latin and South America, and a broad range of industry sectors, including real estate development, construction, community development, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, food, communications and information technologies, manufacturing and supply chain management, distribution, leisure, and defense.

He lived in Ottawa for over two decades, has appeared before a Parliamentary committee studying challenges of small business finance, and has direct experience working with agencies and departments of the federal and provincial governments as well as of various international organizations and foreign governments.

He is married to Melinda Hollis, a life-long Albertan, and has been a resident of Alberta for over 5 years.