Reg Lukasik

Reg was born in Toronto and has lived in 6 provinces & 2 territories.  Reg and Brenda have been married for 27 years.  Brenda is Canadian Blood Services nurse.  Their son Roger 26 is a patrol pilot and their daughter Mary graduates as nurse in May.   Reg retired as a researcher from Alberta Advanced Education in 2014.  Reg has been a professor training staff to work with people with severe physical, mental, and developmental disabilities at a number of Canadian colleges and universities.  Reg previously served as Executive Director of Yukon Rehabilitation Centre. 

Reg served Canada in the CAF regular and reserve forces and with the Defence Research Board.  As an officer his duties were teaching flying and leadership.   Reg has flown over 7000 hours as a commercial & RCAF pilot.  Reg flew for general aviation businesses in Alberta, Yukon, and NWT offering pilot training, charter flights, fire and environmental patrols and medical evacuation.  Reg & Brenda owned Trans Yukon Air, an aircraft sales and leasing business. 

Reg has written several government sector books and manuals.   His doctoral thesis on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Canadian Aircraft Survivors was sponsored by the Canadian Aviation Safety Board.

Reg has been a volunteer and board member for many groups e.g. Alberta Association for Melanoma, Cansurmount, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Diabetes Association, COPA, EAAC, Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers,  Recreational Aircraft Association, St. Albert Flying Club and many others across Canada.  He has been a Heart Association volunteer canvasser for 5 decades.   Reg donated blood over 120 times.   Reg has been a Liberal party volunteer for almost 20 years.

Over time he has proven credentials as an officer, gentleman, leader, man of action and a survivor.  Reg has shown himself to be a resilient, caring, and resourceful educator, businessman, and humanitarian.   His campaign motto is “listening, caring, acting!”

For the curious Reg Lukasik is not related to, or known to Thomas Lukaszuk


E-MAIL  REG@4-FLY.NET    PHONE 780-863-8544