Mike Hanlon

  • over twenty years of service to various communities in Alberta
  • professional educator, advocate and mediator
  • bullying prevention and intervention specialist
  • former police officer
  • Father, husband and concerned citizen of Alberta who sees the voices and interests of everyday hard working people not being heard or addressed by our current government 

Mike is committed to:

  • adequate long term educational funding and supports for children and parents
  • quality local health care and services with a focus on health promotion and to fight against job centralization in key areas of our community health services.
  • the enhancement of life and opportunities for our First Nations neighbors through equal education funding and programming
  • increased financial support for FCSS in non urban communities
  • a fair and equitable contribution to our well being from all sectors of Alberta, including our corporate neighbors.
  • fair taxation policies that do not hamper the growth of hard working citizens, yet provide our much needed services
  • defending and enhancing the workplace safety for all Alberta workers including those in agriculture
  • equal pay for equal work
  • support for strong families in whatever form they may exist