Melinda Hollis

Melinda is a Psychotherapist and Director of a holistic Counseling Centre.

Melinda was born and raised in Alberta, is a University of Alberta Graduate, and is married to Robin Le Fevre, liberal candidate for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo.

Melinda has a diversified background in development, business, government and First Nations and Metis Communities.

Previously, she worked over 10 years for the City of Edmonton at City Hall for the Finance Department and also held a position as an executive assistant to a City Alderman (Councilor).  In this capacity, she had an opportunity to participate in the works and proceedings of various boards and committees or stand in for the Alderman.  Melinda attended as a delegate to the First International Local Government on Global Warming in Los Angeles, and one of the 12 point resolutions adopted at the Conference by over 30 municipalities was her direct contribution. 

All of this has provided Melinda with a good understanding of government policies and procedures.

Melinda was a candidate in the last Edmonton civic election and was instrumental in trying to keep the City Centre Municipal Airport operating so the northern communities could be assured uncompromised medevac services, general and corporate traffic.

Melinda is committed to:

  • Timely access to proper public health care
  • Improved funding and expanded education
  • Lower taxes
  • Modest tax increases for corporations
  • Being open and transparent with all Albertans about how their tax dollars are being managed
  • Securing Alberta’s tomorrow for future generations
  • Strengthening our economy
  • Responsible and conscionable decisions that fairly impact all Albertans, permit sustainable use of our natural resources, protect and preserve of our environment, and assure ongoing economic prosperity
  • A safe and secure Alberta