Matthew R. Smith

My name is Matthew R. Smith. I am 23 years old. I was born in Edmonton, but shortly moved to the small town of High Level, Alberta. I moved back to Edmonton through High School to persue a better education system. I grew up in a family consisting of my mother Dorothy, my younger Brother Dylan, and myself.  I went to Ross Shepperd High School and upon graduating I moved straight to working without Secondary Education. Even without the extra education I constantly pushed myself to learn new things, becoming a Certified Computer Technician and consantly adapting. I later took a career turn and moved to the Car industry selling cars, and eventually moved to an Office postion dealing with advertising and media. Because I am such a young man I find myself adaptive and mouldable to try and fit and meet expectations in a swift and efficent manner. Even though this is my first time getting involved in Elections, I have found this as a great experence and would love to continue helping out in every way I can.