Helen McMenamin

I came to Canada over 40 years ago, intending to stay a year and return to Scotland with a master’s degree. That first summer, driving to Vancouver, I saw golden waves of wheat under prairie sky and wanted to live here.

I left Ontario soon after and lived in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina and Fort Macleod but I’ve now lived longer in Lethbridge than anywhere else. It’s friendly community with city amenities and sun.

I was raised in a big city but I’m passionate about agriculture and the environment. I’ve worked in research labs, sold fertilizer (a woman selling farm inputs was new then), raised pigs and edited scientific writing. Now, I write about farming for farmers, and monitor farm chemical trials to assure health and environmental agencies of testing work. I volunteer on the Health Advisory Council, Waterton Natural History Association, Council of Lethbridge Neighborhoods, and Alberta Liberal Party.

I have no children of my own, but I firmly believe that children must be the focus of any society. We must educate them well and leave a world as good or better than the one we inherited for future generations.