Harpreet Gill

I am a local resident of Edmonton Mill Creek and moved to Edmonton 8 years ago, after completing my college education in Ontario. A graduate in business administration, I have been managing a small business ever since. I am also a union activist and leader. 

After moving to Edmonton, I have established some deep-rooted connections with various communities, through my dedication to volunteerism at various levels.

Fluent in five different languages, I co-founded Asianvision, a community magazine and write on social and political matters effecting local residents and Albertans at large. 

I have taken on leadership roles, on social, political and humanitarian matters. I have been serving at senior political positions, which include, serving as the Regional Chair for Liberal Party of Canada and Alberta Liberal Party for Edmonton area. I have helped organize charity events that include a fundraiser held to support the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. And for taking a lead on various social and humanitarian issues, I have been recognized in the Alberta Legislature on three different occasions.

People of Edmonton Mill Creek like elsewhere in Alberta, are also facing economic hardship because of the boom and bust economics based on a volatile energy market. It is a result of the failed PC policies over the past four decades, as they have failed to diversify our economy. As a result our Health Care, Education System, and Infrastructure are all lacking critical funding.

It is time to elect a truly centrist and progressive government. Alberta Liberals have what it takes to put our province back on the path to prosperity. I will work hard to gain the support of the residents of Edmonton Mill Creek to put forward an effective voice in the Legislature on their behalf.