Eric Musekamp

Eric Musekamp 62 years old,  with his partner Darlene  Dunlop for 42 years.

A rate payer and resident in Cypress-Medicine Hat since 1980.

Eric has worn many hats during his extensive "Blue Collar" experiences including as a papered boilermaker, running a locomotive, building dams, working on farms, ranches and feed-lots, road building, long haul trucking through 40 states and 8 provinces, as an owner operator for five years, most recently Eric was driving truck in Alberta's oil patch.

Eric has run a not for profit society the Farmworkers Union of Alberta for ten plus years. The FUA was established to advocate on behalf of Alberta agriculture workers who are not entitled to health and safety protection or child labour legislation.

Eric has a long history of standing up for the little guy, when a neighbour couldn't access electricity for his family of eleven Eric stick-handled the power company and secured affordable power for them, he cut through the red tape to obtain  a neighbours land tile that had become mired in bureaucracy, he was the conduit to connect the War Amps with a family who's five year old son lost his arm in an industrial farm accident. he worked with AB WCB and facilitated easier access to coverage for farmers and ranchers.

Eric successfully argued before a Queen's Bench Justice for Legal Standing in a Public Fatality hearing for a Farmworker. There are many more examples of Eric stepping up to the plate.

Eric knows his way around the working world and after ten years attending the Alberta Legislature he knows his way around Edmonton's hallowed halls.

To recharge his battery Eric reads, he is an avid amateur historian of local histories and has an extensive photo collection of abandon homesteads.