David Swann Statement on Multi-Party Endorsement

EDMONTON, AB (March 13, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann has released the following statement on the announcement of multi-party endorsement of Liberal Edmonton – Centre MLA, Laurie Blakeman:

“As Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party, I have long sought a process to allow progressive, centrist parties to cooperate in the best interests of all Albertans. And, I have been very clear about the steps that I believe are necessary for lasting cooperation.

“Unfortunately, it is too close to the next provincial election to make any formal arrangements at this time.

“However, my colleague, Laurie Blakeman, believes it is important to make a symbolic gesture to give all progressives Albertans hope about future possibilities.

“I support Laurie, and I thank her for her decision to run under the Liberal banner while uniting with others. I look forward to working with the longest sitting opposition MLA in our province's history on the issues Albertans care about most.

“If the last year had taught us anything, it is that effective opposition matters.

“Alberta Liberals have consistently shown that our MLAs are more than capable of leading the progressive agenda in the legislature.

“We have always been there for Albertans who need a voice, and we always will be.”

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