Bradley Whalen

Bradley Whalen is 32 year old Entrepreneur who currently runs his own Management & Consulting firm in Edmonton. A graduate with honours in International Business Administration and a journeymen carpenter he has no problem getting his hands dirty when work needs to be done. He also presents very well in the white collar sector when there are meetings to attend and public forms to speak up at.

Bradley is a loving father of 4 children who believes in the value of hard work, family, and community. Outspoken and always willing to speak his mind to get the point across Bradley is a true community leader. He is very approachable and willing to meet and work with anyone who wants to bring their concerns to the Legislature. In his free time he enjoys taking trips, bowling professionally and the occasional golf adventure.

Bradley over the years has been known for his community involvement as a volunteer that was always willing to offer a helping hand when needed. With his level of blue and white collar experience he has a level of understanding which allows him to empathize with the hard working union guy as well as the white collar administrative employee.

Bradley believes in effective, active community representation he is very outspoken and as your MLA would bring the tough questions to light when nobody seems to be listening. He believes in the urban and social plan that the Alberta Liberal Party has put forward. And believes that our seniors need a voice in the legislature. All too common now it seems the government has forgotten about our seniors but in reality they are the driving force who worked hard for many years to make Alberta the great province it is today.

Bradley feels the Alberta Liberal Party is ready to take on the responsibility of providing effective leadership through building trust, confidence, and direction with hard working Alberta families. It is time for change this election and Mr. Whalen is one of our great candidates that can help bring that change starting in Edmonton Decore.


I am Bradley Whalen, I am here for the residents of Edmonton Decore. My goal is to work hard for the residence of our surrounding communities and to build trust. My plan to accomplish this is to provide trusted open communications with the constituents in this riding and adapting an open door policy for all residents to come and set up an appointment to meet and discuss issues and concerns. I believe in accountability and effective communications. I want to ask you’re your support this election to work with me to build a better community for all of our neighbours. I have a no bull approach I believe in being upfront and honest and working hard for you.

As your MLA you can expect access to a representative that not only lives in your community but plans to work in the community as well. All too often I hear residents complaining about never being able to see their MLA. If elected I will be your representative which gives you the right to be able to access me when you feel you need the support of myself, my office or our Liberal team. At the end of the day I am your MLA first and a Liberal second. We have the plan we have the direction and the team who can make things happen.

All so often people thing you need to be the majority government or the official opposition to make changes happen and this cannot be further than the truth.  All it takes is dedication from one hard working MLA to make change happen by dedication, persistence and hard work. On May 5th I ask you to take a chance and elect me as your MLA. I bring young vibrant energy to our community. If you have any questions while considering who you wish to vote for you can contact me directly at 578-336-2569. I will be happy to answer your questions and concerns and any questions I can’t answer I will take the proper steps to find those answers for you.


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Bradley Whalen

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