Bobby Maglalang

I strongly believe that Alberta can be a better place, that we can have a better health care system, better schools, and better care for our seniors who need it. I also believe that we can do much better job protecting our environment, promoting job creation and diversifying our economy. These are the few reasons why I wish to represent you and be your MLA.

I have 30 years of experience as the head of Human Resources Departments for large companies engaged in oil, gas, integrated energy, steel and chemicals. This experience has prepared me for the more challenging work in public service.

My undergraduate and graduate education is in Economics and Personnel Management, and I lectured on Economics and Personnel Management courses at universities in the Philippines.

I have been involved in the development of a 5-Year Manpower Plan for the most depressed region in the Philippines and I have written papers where I focused on balanced growth for economic development.

As a member of Mill Woods community for 10 years, I have been successful in starting my own businesses and I have been active in community undertakings such as the Lee Ridge Playground Re-Development Project.

I would like to see more employment and business opportunities that would provide employment and income in my community and across the province. Our present circumstances clearly demonstrate a need for more diversification and  more balanced sustainable growth in Alberta.

My education, my business and community service, and my passion to make Alberta a better place have prepared me to serve the people of Mill Woods.