Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann addresses Trudeau’s comment on “phasing out” oil sands

David Swann and the Alberta Liberals fully support the oil and gas industry and call on Justin Trudeau to clarify his remarks. Alberta’s oil sands industry is both environmentally responsible and generates hundreds of thousands of jobs both here and across Canada.

“All of us, including the oil and gas industry, already recognise that we are in a transition to cleaner energy,” said Swann. “In the current international economic climate the industry does not need any more uncertainty about its future. We need our Prime Minister to not only support this industry, the economic engine of the country, but to communicate that clearly.

“Given Justin Trudeau’s recent pipeline approvals I believe he should be given the benefit of the doubt and a chance to clarify his remarks,” Swann concluded.

David Swann calls for review of Human Rights Act

In response to the recent Court of Queen’s Bench ruling adding age as a prohibited ground of discrimination, Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann called today for a review of the Alberta Human Rights Act.


“Friday’s ruling will have immediate benefits to a long-overlooked group of Albertans,” said Swann. “However, revisiting the Act to implement the ruling gives us an opportunity to extend leading edge human rights protections to further categories such as pregnancy, social condition, political belief and Aboriginal heritage.

“This government has so far taken a piecemeal approach to the Human Rights Act, which has not been substantially amended since 1996,” Swann continued. “Since that time, our understanding of human rights has evolved to include categories that would never have been considered twenty years ago. Simply put, there is clearly room to modernize and improve the Act, and now we have an excellent chance to do so.

“We have a duty to the vulnerable segments of our population to protect their fundamental human rights from abuse,” Swann concluded. “That protection should start with the Alberta Human Rights Act.”


Khrystos Rodyvsya!


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann made the following statement in celebration of Ukrainian Christmas:

“The Ukrainian community forms an integral part of Alberta’s heritage, and continues to play a leading role in our society. Today they gather with friends and family to celebrate Christmas according to traditions passed down through generations from Ukraine.

“On behalf of myself and the Alberta Liberals, I wish all our friends and neighbours of Ukrainian descent

 Khrystos Rodyvsya!