Swann Calls for Fatality Inquiry

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann calls for a Public Fatality Inquiry into drug-related deaths in correctional facilities

Calgary, AB (January 23, 2017):

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann wrote today to the Fatality Review Board to recommend that a public fatality inquiry be held regarding all deaths involving controlled substances in Alberta correctional facilities since January 1, 2012.

In the letter, Swann argues that an inquiry is urgently needed to identify present shortcomings and emerging best practices regarding preventing contraband from entering the province’s jails and remand centres; this issue has become considerably worse with the current opioid crisis, and puts inmates and staff at risk.

He also recommends that any inquiry should include a review of the staff training in mental health and addictions and medical resources available to incarcerated persons given their critical importance in reducing the demand for illegal drugs and, ultimately, death prevention.

Swann has also written to the Office of the Ombudsman to request an administrative review of the circumstances surrounding drug-related “near-deaths” in correctional facilities, since the Fatality Review Board has no mandate to investigate such cases.


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann proposes changes to Alberta’s electricity structure that will save billions and eliminate need to borrow to pay off PPAs

Calgary, AB (January 18th, 2017):

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann unveiled a new policy today that will save Albertans billions of dollars in electricity costs. As well, the policy will remove the need for government to borrow to fund the liability to the Balancing Pool caused by Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) holders returning their contracts under the “Change in Law” clause.

By adjusting the way the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) is calculated (this is the rate most Albertans pay for electricity), the Alberta Liberals’ plan could save Albertans $700 million to 2020 and $3 billion to 2030.

The change is centred on the calculation used to determine the final price of electricity. Currently the RRO is not based on the actual cost of electricity at time of consumption (the “Pool price”), instead using a process based on a “forward price.” Adjusting the process to reflect the actual price creates a very different outcome.

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Alberta Liberal Party Launches Leadership Race

The Alberta Liberal Party kicked off its Leadership Race in Edmonton yesterday to a packed room of excited party members. Party President Karen Sevcik launched the race with the following speech:

"Good Afternoon. Welcome to the Launch of the Alberta Liberal Party Leadership Race.

I am Karen Sevcik, President of the Alberta Liberal Party. Thank you for joining us.

I wish to acknowledge that the land on which we are gathered is Treaty 6 territory and a traditional meeting ground and home for many Indigenous Peoples, including Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Métis, and Nakota Sioux.

Happy New Year! 2017 promises to be a year full of change and, despite events worldwide, I feel it’s going to be change for the better here in Alberta and for the Alberta Liberal Party. I’m excited by the possibilities this year offers and I’m glad you’re all here to share in the new beginning

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