Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan Calls for Action on Third Party Advertisers in Municipal Elections

In light of the unaccountable political advertising from a group called “Save Calgary”, Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan is calling for the regulation of Political Action Committees (PACs) and other third party political entities and advertisers at the Municipal Level.

“Groups like “Save Calgary” are free to spend as much as they can raise to try and influence our municipal elections without any accountability and transparency, and that is fundamentally undemocratic,” says Khan. “The messenger--and who is paying for the message--matters as much as the message itself, and voters have a right to know who is trying to influence their vote, especially when big money is involved.”

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Alberta Liberals call for a credible deficit reduction plan in response to Q1 Update

In response to the First Quarter Fiscal Update, Alberta Liberals are calling on the NDP government to produce a credible plan to tackle the province’s unsustainable borrowing and debt load.

“The NDP’s record level of borrowing and debt is seriously concerning, especially without a credible plan to pay it back, says Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan. “The Minister of Finance is simply crossing his fingers and hoping that rebounding oil prices will bail him out before the next election.

”We need to concentrate on controlling operational costs and focus on smart investments in infrastructure instead of borrowing to keep the lights on. The NDP’s approach to managing our province's finances is shockingly short-sighted.”

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Statement on Black Ribbon Day

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann released the following statement in recognition of Black Ribbon Day:

“On this day, we remember the victims and survivors of the totalitarian regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

“Even decades later, the brutal, painful legacy of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact still lingers. On this day in 1939, two of history’s worst regimes agreed to cooperate to lay waste to the continent, setting into motion countless heinous atrocities in Europe and around the world.

“Today, in memory of the many lives lost to this period of incredible cruelty and heartless indifference, we reaffirm our commitment to the ideals of democracy, tolerance, and respect for human rights. We further pledge to stay vigilant against the forces of hatred, bigotry and xenophobia, standing up to them wherever and whenever they surface.”