Immediate transportation relief needed for Calgary Board of Education students

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan released the following statement in reaction to the interim review of the Calgary Board of Education:

 “I am pleased to see the government has now recognized parental concerns over the consequences of Bill 1 are more than just ‘noise and confusion.’But the NDP should have addressed these issues before the school year began. Instead, it rushed ahead without proper consultation in order to achieve a political win. This is not good governance, it is partisan opportunism.

 “The government is still not offering an immediate solution. Instead, it continues to review the matter and shift the responsibility for resolving the problem it created onto the school board.

 “Parents are left to deal with challenging transportation schedules, gaps in bell times, and arrival at distant congregated bus stops. This has led some to hire their own busesat considerable personal expense.

 “As a result, the government’s stated goal of saving parents’ money on school fees has been offset by these increased transportation costs, especially for parents of children in alternative or second language programs who are worse off under this new schedule.

“That is why I am calling on the NDP government to take real action by resolving these issues now, not waiting another month or more.

“While the Calgary Board of Education works to clean up this mess, the NDP needs to do its part to help these Calgary families, and make their transportation needs a priority.”

Kenney’s cure is worse than the disease

The NDP’s fiscal policy is bad for Alberta. They're depleting our contingency fund, facing downgraded credit ratings and burdening future generations with debt repayment and servicing fees.

But Jason Kenney’s proposed 20% cut to the public budget is not the answer! It isn’t just reckless, it’s ridiculous.

Harsh austerity on this scale only invites economic shock, infrastructure deficits and a reduction in services that Albertans, especially the most vulnerable, depend on.

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Calgarians sound the alarm over school transportation and bell times

Alberta Liberals are calling on the NDP government to take immediate action to address serious concerns over changes in transportation and bell times as a result of Bill 1.

“Minister Eggen needs to do more than just stage a photo op today,” says Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan. “He needs to come down to Calgary and listen to parents’ concerns, then take immediate action to rectify this completely unacceptable situation his government created by making a political decision without the necessary consultation.

“The unintended consequences of good, Liberal ideas being poorly implemented by the NDP is a pattern we’ve seen all too often.”

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