Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan calls out NDP mismanagement of PPAs in wake of Sundance Cancellations.

The Balancing Pool’s recent notice that it intends to terminate several Power Purchase Arrangements (PPAs) is the latest consequence of the NDP government’s mismanagement of the Climate Leadership Plan, says Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan.

“The NDP’s failure to conduct due diligence before changing the law ended up saddling the Balancing Pool – and therefore Albertans – with hundreds of millions of dollars of debt,” says Khan. “We are paying through the nose for their impulse to leap before they look, and can expect to continue doing so for years to come.”


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Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Khan calls for a sweeping overhaul of the Alberta Human Rights Act and Condemns Practice of Police “Carding”

Calgary (July 4th, 2017)

Last week in a letter to Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley, Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan called for a sweeping overhaul of the Alberta Human Rights Act, noting that major revisions have not been made to the act since 1996.

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NDP jeopardizing Alberta’s economic future for immediate political gains

The NDP is jeopardizing Alberta’s economic future for immediate political gains

Calgary, AB (June 29, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan has issued the following statement on the release of the Government of Alberta’s 2016-17 Annual Report:

“Today’s release of the Government of Alberta’s 2016-17 year-end financial results makes one point perfectly clear – the NDP are not the least bit concerned about the bleak employment situation facing hundreds of thousands of Albertans today and the ballooning debt facing future generations.

“In these tough economic times, Albertans need a government willing to make tough decisions. Clearly the NDP is incapable of this. Their out-of-control spending and their creation of an unattractive investment climate is failing Albertans now and in the future.

“Their reckless financial policies are gambling with Alberta’s future. Albertans’ quality of life and access to government services will be put in serious jeopardy by perpetual debt repayment.

“Despite repeated warnings from taxpayers, economists and credit rating agencies – all of whom warn the government’s financial agenda is unsustainable – the NDP government stubbornly refuses to make even the slightest adjustments to its current course of action. Today, Joe Ceci said “nothing changes” even if his forecast for price per barrel of oil is unrealistic, forecasting $55/barrel of oil while it has been averaging $48 per barrel this past year. 

“While Alberta Liberals strongly believe in the need to protect public services and build infrastructure, there must be a balance of spending and revenue. If the decision is made to borrow money for these purposes, a definitive plan and timeline for repayment must come first, before cutting the cheques. The NDP have done none of this.

“Instead, the NDP are using our scarce resources to correct their mistakes and fund pet projects such as trying to fix their power purchase agreements fiasco and creating multiple rebate programs aimed at securing future political success, which are not based on sound fiscal management principles.

“An Alberta Liberal Government under my leadership would get spending increases down to at least inflation plus population growth levels, and look at generating other revenue sources.”

“In short, the NDP are sacrificing our current and future success for short-term political gains, simply hoping that oil prices will rebound in time to bail them out. That is not the kind of government Albertans want or deserve."