David Swann's Statement on the 350th Gurpurab


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann’s statement in celebration of the 350th Gurpurab

“Today we celebrate 350 years since the birth of Guru Gobindh Singh Ji, the last of the Gurus in human form. In the centuries since his birth, the Sikh community has flourished, and continues to spread his teachings of compassion, justice, hard work and equality both here in Alberta and around the world.

On behalf of myself and the Alberta Liberals, I wish great happiness to our Sikh neighbours and friends as they celebrate this day.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.”


Swann calls for more transparency on Carbon Tax

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann calls for transparency, better communication around the carbon tax. 

David Swann called on the government today to commit to greater transparency and open communication as they implement their climate legislation.

“While nobody seriously expected the sky to fall on January 1st, Albertans are clearly worried about the effects the new legislation will have on them,” said Swann.

“The NDP has refused to clearly communicate those effects, whether they be on electricity, industry, transportation or consumer goods. Their ‘government knows best’ approach to climate change action and the carbon tax has done nothing but encourage suspicion and resentment from Albertans.

“This could easily have been avoided,” Swann continued. “While long-supporting a price on carbon, the Liberal Caucus proposed amendments to the Climate Leadership Act that would have made the environmental and economic impacts of the plan clear to businesses and public. The NDP nevertheless voted them down.

“The science is settled,” Dr. Swann concluded. “Climate change is a real issue primarily caused by human activity. Action on climate change, however, must meet the same standards as any other government action: fair, transparent, and accountable. This government might see less resistance to their policies if they put more weight on those principles.”


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